International Summer Ballet & Dance seminar DANCS-PIRAN 

24. July 2017 to 5. August 2017

Do you love Dance? Are you looking for a way to develop your dance and performance skills? Are you an aspiring Ballet dancer or already in the field of teaching and you would like to improve your dance or teaching skills? Would you like to stay in shape during the summer? Would you like to enrich your knowledge?

If you find yourself at one of upper questions and would you like next to it combine work with summer holidays, meet other dancers… than, the International summer Ballet and Dance seminar DANCS-PIRAN 2017 could be a great choice for you! Not only doing something you love, but an Educational Summer Dance Program with internationally well known Guest teachers can be definitly an enrichment for you! Participating in this unique summer seminar makes it possible to develop your different and diverse dance skills, artistic awareness, creativity or Dance teacher skills.

We hope that this website encourages you to attend and participate at the Internationa summer Ballet & Dance seminar DANCS-PIRAN 2017 from 24. July – 5. August 2017.


Looking forward to welcome you at our International Dance Summer Seminar Piran in Slovenia, 2017!